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MCA’s “Six Cylinders of the
High-Performance Business”

Many entrepreneurs and business owners never realize the goals and dreams they had at the beginning of their venture. They work many more hours, earn far less money, sacrifice time with friends and family – often for many more years than they thought it would ever take. Only about 1% of new ventures ever see their 10th anniversary. Then, at the end of their journey, they’re confronted with the cold, hard facts about the disappointing market value of the enterprise they’ve created.

Others manage to get their business to a certain level of “satisfactory” performance and then get “stuck” there. They are unable to drive performance to the next higher level and, as a result, watch their business ebb and flow with the vagaries of the economic climate. These businesses are “sitting ducks” in a severe economic downturn. We see it every day.
MCA can help. Each year, we work with dozens of businesses to implement hard-hitting, proven strategies, based on our “Six Cylinders of the High-Performance Business” approach that produce dramatic results, usually in 90 days or less. In any economy.

We can do this because we’re proven, seasoned business veterans who come from backgrounds that include assignments with some of the top organizations in the world. We’ve run these businesses. We’ve seen these enterprises operate at a level that the average business owner will never see.

And we’re business owners. We’ve been in the trenches. We know what it’s like to have to make a payroll. And, unlike other, narrowly-focused consulting firms, MCA has the breadth of experience to tackle the entire range of business disciplines, from strategy to marketing to operations to finance, sales, team building, ownership transition, interim exec assignments and much, much more.Chart of Growth

Face it: Where you are in your business today – successful or unsuccessful, happy or unhappy, rich or poor - is the end result of the very best thinking and effort you’ve been able to put forth (Why would you do any less for your own business?). So if you aren’t quite satisfied with where you are, you need to recognize that a different outcome can only come about through change. And change isn’t easy when you’re doing it alone.

Call us today at 412.787.7711 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our team members. It might be the best move you’ve ever made for your business!